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  • Dog Grooming

  • Dog Grooming

    Grooming of your dog or cat should be more than just a wash and blow dry. Good grooming is
    an opportunity to check, and to maintain the health and welfare of your pet.

    We check the animal all over from nose to tail, so undiscovered lumps and bumps can be
    brought to the owner’s attention. This may provide an early warning of something needing
    further investigation by your vet.

    Grooming will always include the removal of excess hair in sensitive areas, especially ears.
    Neglecting these areas can cause discomfort and harbour dirt, where infection and disease can

    Where animals are not getting sufficient exercise on abrasive surfaces, nails and claws can benefit
    from regular trimming.

    Fur which is knotted can subsequently develop ‘matts’ and this is very unhealthy for the animal’s skin.

    All breeds and styles are catered for. Salon or Mobile service available.

    Pricing is very much dependent on time and how much or little is required - please contact us.

    (This sevice is only available in south of Hampshire, UK.)