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  • Amberslade Nevada – Broc (FR)

  • Broc is a Black Tri and is a real mummy’s boy, he will work his socks off to please when training and in the show ring. He is a
    real cuddly bear and follows you around everywhere. Loves everyone and a real wiggle bum. He can be a little reserved in new situation. 

    Broc was born in the UK and relocated with his owners to France in 2013.

    Contact: Cyndi Baker - 05 53 62 57 38       cyndi.baker@orange.fr


    BORN: 2nd November 2012

    SIRE:  Shepalian Paris Express at Amenbury SH CH
    DAM:  Amberslade Dancing Brooke CDex

    HIPS: A (france)
    ELBOWS: EDO (France) = 0/0 (UK)
    HC-HSF4: Hereditary Clear
    Prcd-PRA: Hereditary Clear
    CEA/CH: Hereditary Clear
    MDR1 +/+: (Clear)

  • Achievements

    ShowOctober 2015Poitiers International (FR)Open Male4e Excellent
    ShowSeptember 2015Sorges National (FR)Open MaleExcellent
    ShowAugust 2015Brive International (FR)Open MaleExcellent
    ShowJuly 2015Cressat (FR)Open Male3e Excellent
    ShowMay 2015Libourne (FR)Open MaleExcellent
    ShowApril 2015Chateauroux International (FR)Open Male2e Excellent
    ShowApril 2015Limoges International (FR)Open MaleExcellent
    ShowMarch 2015Perigueux International (FR)Open MaleExcellent
    ShowJanuary 2015Bordeaux International (FR)Open MaleExcellent
    ShowSeptember 2014Regional d'Elevage Aquitaine (FR)Intermediate Male4e Excellent
    ShowSeptember 2014Sorges National (FR)Intermediate Male2e Excellent
    ShowAugust 2014Brive International (FR)Intermediate Male3e Excellent
    ShowMay 2014National d'Elevage Cerilly (FR)Intermediate MaleExcellent
    ShowApril 2014Limoges International (FR)Intermediate MaleExcellent
    ShowSeptember 2013Regional d'Elevage Aquitaine (FR)Intermediate Male4e Excellent
    ShowSeptember 2013Sorges National (FR)Junior Male1er Excellent
    ShowAugust 2013Brive International (FR)Junior MaleExcellent